Self-examination of your breast

The breast are often lumpy and uneven. When you are examining your breast you will get to know the way the breast are usually feeling so that you will know if their is any changes. 

[Breastcontroll. Make small circles around the breast.]

 The day after your period can be a good time to feel through the breast. They are soft and more easy to examen them. 

Look at the breasts form and color

Stand in front of the mirror and look at the shape, if the skin is even and has its regular color. Make sure the nipple looks like it normaly does. Raise the arm above the head and make sur the nipple follows. Put your hands together above your head and take a good look at the size, shape och color of the breast.  
Syns det några hudförändringar, indragningar eller svullnader?

Feel through the breasts with your fingers straight

A tip is to feel the breasts in the shower. It is easier to to feel if their is any unevenness and 
 om man är intvålad och fingrarna lättare glider över huden. Är bröstens Does the breasts feel as they usually do? Is their any lumps?

Raise one of your arms and put it behind your head. Feel through the breast with straight fingers and with a slight pressure. Start with the nipple and make small circular movements several times around the breast. Then move out the fingers a centimeter and feel lap after lap and end in the armpit. Make sure to also examine the upper part of the chest and the area under the arm. Examine the other breast in the same way. 

You can also make the breast control examination lying down. Place a pillow under shoulder and put one arm under the head so the breast and armpit is freely. Feel through the breasts. 

Seek medical care

Lumps or other change in the breast are mostly harmless. It may for exampel be a benign cyst, a cavity filled with liquid or a thickening of the connective tissue. Since changes in the breast can be a symptom of cancer and should always be taken seriously and get examined by a doctor.
You can always cocntact your health care center.

You may always call the medical advice by calling 1177 för advice.

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*self translation from a text taken from 1177 Vårdguiden 

Raise the arm above your head. Feel through the breast and armpit with your fingers straight.