Amanda Carapi Sjölin Amanda Carapi Sjölin

We are the owners och founders of I Love Boobs and we togheter is running the company.


How it started:

We got invited in 2015 to our old schools kick-off for their new students. We talked about our operation and how we have manage to develop it since it was a UF company.

2014  We had the honor as a UF- company and got interviewed by Johanna Sundström from the swedish Breastcancerfound (BRO).

Veronica Eckert
Veronica Eckert

We are doing even more, new colors, new goals, new challanges. We are all apart of making a difference.


Late nights work :)

All you wonderful people who have supported us from the begining! Amazing! Thank you so much for the love.

Late night snack for late night work 

Swedish celeb Danny Saucedo posted a picture of our I <3 BOOBS bracelett on his Instagram. Thank You Danny! 

School trip to Berlin during last year of High School. I Love Boobs UF was up and running and we all were ready and excited to find new customers everywhere.

We got 100 donuts for the UF-fair 

During the UF - Fair that is heald every year for all the UF-Company to show the there products. We were there in 2014 and made sure that everyone saw us.


Amanda Veronica Malin Mona Amanda Veronica Malin Mona

We opened as a UF-company in the fall of 2013 and we were four girls who started it. We are two ladies today, Amanda and Veronica.